35 of 100

29 10 2019

35.  What is “normal?” Are you normal?

I think it means mainstream. I don’t think I am normal by that definition. Here are a few examples of why I don’t think of myself as normal.

I care way too much about fairness to be normal.

I really believe we should all do our best.

I very often put other people’s needs ahead of my own.

I don’t think “committed relationship” necessarily means “monogamous relationship”

I am very suspicious of religion and “God” language. But I think there is a connection many might call “spiritual”.

I believe everyone should pay their fair share of taxes, even the rich. And that many of us pay way too much relative to others. I also believe that government in the US is deliberately structured to give money to private companies and make the rich richer. Government would be much more efficient if so much work wasn’t contracted out to companies whose only goal is to rip off the US government (taxpayers) for their own profit.

I can be great at chit chat and in most social situations, but I don’t make friends easily. It is real struggle for me to stay as connected to others as I do. And sometimes have to really push myself to interact with others beyond what is required.

I always seem to be waiting on something. Waiting to get out of school. Waiting to get a job. Waiting for some work situation. Waiting for the time I can retire. To the extent that I wonder sometimes if I’ve missed whatever it was I was supposed to be doing. And yet part of me thinks I’ll have accomplished the goal of just surviving it once all the waiting is over some day.

I am passionate about many things, but I doubt most people would think so.  How would they even know?




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