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12 05 2013

16. Can money buy happiness?

While having money, or more money, may not directly make a person happy, it certainly does help. The vast majority of stress in the life of the average American is related to money. More money bring with it better working conditions, as well as the possibility of not having to work. More money provides better healthcare, it helps free people from the worry of not being able to provide adequate housing, clothing, and food for themselves and their loved ones. More money makes possible safer neighborhoods, safer and more luxurious cars. More money brings with it greater access to influential business leaders, community leaders, and politicians. More money allows better legal representation. More money can mean better schools and libraries. More money means less stress when contemplating retirement. It makes travel and leisure much more possible. So, yes, money can definitely improve your life in significant, and potentially transformative, ways. It doesn’t necessarily make your happy, but it can certainly remove a number of reasons for being unhappy.

“Money isn’t everything…but it ranks right up there with oxygen.”
― Rita Davenport