31 of 100

22 01 2017

31. Have you ever bought a product from an infomercial?

When I was a teenager I bought some subliminal cassette tapes which supposedly had positive messages on them.  I don’t remember all of the areas they covered, but I seem to remember the areas being along the lines of self confidence, memory, good health, and similar areas.  I don’t remember the purchase specifically, but I had to have paid by check, as I wouldn’t have had a credit card at the time.  So it’s possible it was a purchase based on an advertisement in a magazine, instead of something on television.  I have no idea if the tapes had any impact, and also have no idea whatever happened to the them.  I’m not likely to spend money frivolously on myself, don’t tend to be trusting of advertisements, and I’m not much of spontaneous shopper.




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