26 of 100

6 01 2017

26. Do you believe in a god?

I believe that all is a manifestation of the great universal force.  There is nothing other than this all encompassing energy, being, state.  Should this one be called “god” or “God”?  I suggest that it is irrelevant, because the situation is unchanged by the word(s) used to describe it.  If this one is indeed the foundation of all, then looking within yourself, and to others, can bring forth that which seems to us wisdom and growth.  We should practice love, respect, and compassion because all is a manifestation of the same one.  There is nothing to be gained by the one fighting itself. The you of your perception arises from the same energy that is the source of the perception of others.  While our perceptions make us seem quite disconnected, this is an illusion.  We are all inexorably connected, and are ultimately one.




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