19 of 100

7 04 2014

19. Where was your favorite place to go when you were a little kid?

I have always liked to go places. The places I that came to mind when considering this question were places I went with my family. Sometimes on a nice weekend day we would load up, usually in the pickup truck so that everyone had a good view, and the four of us would go for a long drive with no particular destination. We were just out enjoying the drive and following whichever direction, road, or rural highway seemed least familiar. Once in a while I still enjoy just heading out with no particular destination, preferably on the backroads, to explore. We miss so much when we only see the world from our own neighborhoods or the expressways.

If I had to pick a specific place, it could have been to a school event – usually basketball games, or a vacation destination. There are so many great places on most travels through small town America, but in answer to this questions I’ll just pick one: Maggie Valley, North Carolina. When we went to Maggie, we were really going to be all over the Smokey Mountain area, but some of my best childhood vacation memories involve lodging in Maggie.




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